It is not titled yet, but I am pretty happy with it and at the first showing it was really well received.

Instead of trekking down to the beach to see the fireworks (which ended up being a bust anyway) I decided to finish a painting that I had sketched out earlier.  It’s pretty small, only 6×6″.  I like it so much I may do a few more in different colors.
Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer Painting

Zoe is my princess. I wanted her to grow up and be strong butch pup. she is the exact opposite.  This hangs on my office wall, where I get to look at her any time I want, and she always makes me smile.

I painted her in a live session at the San Diego Pride festival.

I am not sure why, I just love to paint them. Especially by themselves, I think they have lots of character.

This is another small one, 5×7″

At the last minute I ended up being a part of the South Bay Pride Art and music festival. I was pretty burned out since San Diego Pride was only a month before. So it was a pretty pathetic showing. But, I did some live painting (which is always a hit).

I sketched it at home and painted all day  I didn’t quite finish there, but here is the end result:



Here are a few pics of the progress:

2:00 pm








3:00 pm








6:00 pm

For the past few years, I have been co-coordinator with John Keasler of the Art of Pride art space at the San Diego LGBT Pride Festival.  We have several Featured Artists and lots of art in the juried show.  Every year I am more and more impressed with the quality of work we have.

This was my 4th year participating,  it is always a good time.  It is more about meeting people, and talking to the artists and festival goers than about selling art.


Here are a few photos of my booth.



Art of Pride

John Keasler


Lonely Chair won 3rd prize for acrylic still life at the San Diego County Fair.

It is a study for a larger paining that received Honorable Mention this year.

We went to the fair for the awards ceremony the night before it opened.  It was  surreal with no one there, I couldn’t see a single person.  Usually the main drag is filled shoulder to shoulder with people for the entire length.


5×7″ Acrylic on Cradled Brich Panel


I paint chairs frequently. I have been on a run of small chair paintings, usually 5×7″.

I painted this one outside on a gorgeous, sunny day. Early March, mid-80s… it might as well have been June.

The holidays are near, and that means lots of orders for pet portraits. They are fun and keep me motivated.

This recent portrait is one of my favorites.  Bruiser’s mom wanted him in a top-hat and bow tie and I was happy to oblige.


Superman LostI finished this about a year ago.  Even though I see many flaws, it is one of my favorites; for many reasons. It is about my feelings after my best friend of 13 years passed away. Sam was my Superman. He was by my side through so much; a difficult break-up, a move across country, new beginnings, he even had a part in my wedding. When I lost him I was devastated.

On my way to work one morning, I heard the Five for Fighting song, It’s not easy, and I knew it could not have been easy for him to be my Superman.

I still miss him.

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